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By Denise Milizia (on 18/02/2018 @ 01:49:09, in News, read 26 times)
The SSS oral exam - Prof. Karinne KNUTSEN - will take place on Monday, February 26.
By Denise Milizia (on 26/01/2018 @ 13:50:13, in News, read 72 times)
Prof. Milizia's receiving of Tuesday, January 30, is postponed to Wednesday, January 31, at the same time.
By Denise Milizia (on 22/01/2018 @ 00:49:38, in News, read 38 times)
Dr. Angela LEE will receive the students on Monday and Wednesday from 8.00 to 11.00 as usual, and on Monday and Thursday from 13.00 to 16.00 this week.
By Denise Milizia (on 12/09/2017 @ 12:23:07, in News, read 277 times)
The exam of Friday, September 8th, due to the strike, has been postponed to Monday, September 25th. The written exam is scheduled at 9.30, and the oral exam, both for the triennale and for the magistrale courses (and for the laboratorio) is scheduled at 12.30.
By Denise Milizia (on 22/05/2017 @ 14:44:54, in News, read 497 times)
L'esame del LABORATORIO non compare nella lista degli esami su Esse3, quindi è necessario prenotarsi direttamente con la Dr. Angela LEE per gli studenti S.A. e con il Dr. Matthew RIDGER per gli studenti R.I. La data per l'esame di laboratorio (3CFU) è sempre la stessa dell'esame di Lingua Inglese (7CFU). L'esame consiste nella verifica delle 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. La parte della Listening si svolge prima delle altre 3. Per il ...leggi tuttoinfo su: LABORATORIO
By Denise Milizia (on 21/05/2017 @ 22:40:04, in News, read 268 times)
The seminari EUROPE AT 60 will take place on Monday, May 22, at 9.30 in Aula Starace, 2nd floor,  Piazza Cesare Battisti, Palazzo Pasquale del Prete.
By Denise Milizia (on 18/05/2017 @ 17:11:41, in News, read 221 times)
The 3rd esonero will take place on Thursday, May 25th, at 3.00 p.m. in Piazza Cesare Battisti, ground floor.
By Denise Milizia (on 16/05/2017 @ 16:58:41, in News, read 162 times)
After several requests to change the date set on May 29th, the new date will be posted shortly.
By Denise Milizia (on 20/02/2017 @ 14:28:13, in News, read 229 times)
The lesson of the 2nd semester (LAB) for the magistrale will start on Monday, February 20th with Dr. Angela LEE for the S.A. courses (Scienze dell'Amministrazione) at 12.30, and on Wednesday, March 1st with Dr. Matthew RIDGER for the R.I courses (Relazioni Internazionali) at 8.30. The lessons will take place in Corso Italia, 4th floor, Room 35.
By Denise Milizia (on 20/02/2017 @ 13:58:01, in News, read 353 times)
The lessons of the 2nd semester with Prof. Denise MILIZIA will start on Tuesday, February 28th, in Piazza Cesare Battisti. The lessons with Dr. Angela LEE and Dr. Matthew RIGDER will start on Friday, February 24th at 8.30 in Piazza Cesare Battisti.
By Denise Milizia (on 29/01/2017 @ 23:05:53, in News, read 478 times)
Dr. Annalisa DE RUVO will receive students on Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30 to 12.30.
By Denise Milizia (on 12/01/2017 @ 15:57:34, in News, read 302 times)
Denise MILIZIA          Monday 10.30-12.30 Angela LEE                  Monday 11.30-14.30 / Wednesday 12.00-15.00 Matthew RIDGER        Thursday 15.00-18.00 / Friday 15.00-18.00  
By Denise Milizia (on 10/01/2017 @ 18:18:45, in News, read 347 times)
Due to the bad weather conditions, the written test has again been postponed. Both the written test and the oral test will take place on Thursday, January 12. The written test will start at 9.30 and the oral test at 12.00.
By Denise Milizia (on 09/01/2017 @ 00:09:59, in News, read 224 times)
The receiving of Monday, January 9, is cancelled.
By Denise Milizia (on 09/01/2017 @ 00:00:30, in News, read 235 times)
Due to the bad weather conditions, the written test of Monday, January 9 is postponed to Wednesday, January 11.

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