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LEXIS and GRAMMAR program 2012-2013
By Denise Milizia (on 04/03/2013 @ 23:15:58, in News, read 29766 times)


a.y. 2012-2013

Science of Social Service (SSS)

International and European Studies (SPRISE)

Science of Public and Private Administration (SAPP)


1. IPA (International Phonetical Alphabet)

 2. What is a paradigm: regular verbs/irregular verbs

 3. Tenses of verbs:

The Present Simple in English vs the Present Simple in Italian

Infinitive (bare and full)

The present tenses

Present Simple

Present Continuous

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

The past tenses

Past Simple

Past continuous



going to


The imperative mood - positive and negative

4. Thank you for + ing

5. Question tags

6. Short answers

7. I can’t wait / I’m looking forward to + ing

8. Neither do I; So do I

9. It’s worth it / It’s not worth it / It’s worth + ing

10. do you mind, would you mind

11. Concessive clauses: despite, in spite of, although, even though, though

12. How long have you been studying

I have been studying for two hours

I haven’t studied for two years

How long since you studied

It’s two years since I studied

13. since/for

14. It’s the first time

15. Phrasal verbs: extending or changing the meaning of a verb

16. Inversions (No sooner, not only, seldom, rarely, etc.)

17. the more … the more

18. remind vs. remember

19. remember to do vs. remember doing

20. to borrow vs. to lend

21. We are used to +ing

22. The passive voice

23. Voice and aspect combination

24. The causative

25. “If” clauses

26. Unless

27. I wish / If only

28. Modals

29. Semi-modals

30. must vs. have to

31. be likely to

32. The article ‘the’

33. The article ‘the’ with the two different pronunciations

34. to do vs. to make

35. as long as/provided that/providing that

36. to say to s.o. vs. to tell s.o.

37. still, yet

38. ‘Yet’ at the beginning of the sentence

39. Objective clause

40. Future in the past

41. Mispronounced words

42. The five words in English where the “h” is silent

43. Phrases and clusters in English

44. Political phrases in English

45. Curiosity shop




21. Modals: can, could, may, might, must, should, will, would, shall.

22. Semi-modals (also called periphrastic modals or quasi-modals: (had) better, have to, (have) got to, ought to, be supposed to, be going to, used to.

45. Curiosity shop

a. a friend of mine, of yours, of his, etc…

b. I hope so/I think so/I don’t think so

c. false friends

d. nationality adjectives (all capital letters)

e. to take, to bring, to carry, to fetch / to come and to go

f. If I were you/If I were in your shoes

g. at the beginning / in the beginning

h. at the end / in the end

i. on time / in time

j. either / or

k. neither / nor

l. like/unlike

m. whether / if

n. like/as

o. hard/hardly

p. few/a few, little/a little